Abco Products

Abstar Block Bottom Valve Bag

Abstar Block Bottom Valfli Torba


  • Automatic filling valve; The bag is equipped with a self-closing valve that facilitates filling.
  • Due to the microperforated woven structure and lamination for air permeability with laminated water and moisture resistant; Multi-color custom printing is possible.
  • It is resistant to tearing - explosion.
  • With its bag block base, it makes automatic or manual filling suitable.
  • After filling, the packaged product takes the form of blocks, so there is no loss of space in transportation and storage.

Usage areas

  • Cement industry; portland cement, white cement, dry concrete mix cement, ready mix products
  • Mineral industry; Calcite, gypsum, lime, other powder and granular products
  • Chemicals and petrochemical industry; construction chemicals, casting powders, polymer granules, other powders and granules, fertilizer, organic fertilizer
  • Food industry; flour, starch, grain, sugar, pulses
  • Agricultural industry; animal feed, seed