Abco Corporate

Environmental and OHS Policy

Actual Scope

TR ; Produced from plastic; Production and sales of packaging products, agricultural products, industrial products, technical agricultural products, Technical textiles (plastic bags, plastic twine, plastic net, plastic fabric, plastic net, plastic rope, plastic cover, PP block bottom valve bag, primary carpet backing) production and raw material purchase, sale and customs clearance activities

Abdioğulları Plastic and Packaging Industry Inc. aspect;

To fulfill the legal regulations and other requirements that we are subject to regarding the environment / OHS,

With a proactive approach in preventing environmental pollution and occupational accidents; To improve our performance in this field by using applicable cutting-edge technology and to achieve the determined targets by ensuring its continuity,

To plan and implement relevant trainings in order to increase the Environmental and OHS awareness of our employees and stakeholders and to make correct and complete applications; To ensure the consultation and participation of our employees / representatives,

Using natural resources efficiently, collecting them in order to prevent, reduce and/or reuse waste generation at the source, and make use of recycling and reuse opportunities at the highest level,

To eliminate the hazards by applying the OHS rules correctly / completely; reducing risks, creating a safe working environment, preventing injuries and health deterioration.

It is our commitment.


  • As Abdioğulları Plastik A.Ş and its employees in the plastic packaging sector in which we operate;
  • We will try to continuously improve our energy performance,
  • We will provide the necessary information and resources to achieve our determined goals and objectives,
  • We will constantly review our performance by monitoring our goals and targets set in accordance with our policy with EnPGs,
  • We will comply with the applicable legal and other conditions to which we are subject regarding energy use, consumption and efficiency,
  • We will support the purchase of energy efficient products and services and design activities that will improve our energy performance.
  • To increase the awareness of all our employees, subcontractors and suppliers on energy efficiency.

We are committed.